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In MY New Orleans, everything revolved around food and Broad St – 636 North Broad St, to be exact. 


For instance, the famous Dooky Chase was around the corner.  My uncle’s law office was right down the street. My favorite spot to grab “peppas “ was located inside of a gas station blocks down the road.  We lived just 5 minutes away from the building 636 North Broad.


636 North Broad is where I grew up.  Many summers in my teenage life were spent upstairs in my dad’s law office. 


I’ve always said that New Orleans birthed me; Birmingham raised me. New Orleans?  New Orleans is the city that taught me love, hustle, family, and friendship.


Broad St. Peaux Boys is not only a dedication to that, to the city I love – but also a dedication to my father.  I’ve noticed that lawyers always wanted to be entrepreneurs, but not vice versa.  Instead of actually practicing law, I jumped, instead, into the small business world.  My dad always spoke of owning a restaurant – in fact, his goal was to turn the bottom of 636 North Broad, originally a boat showroom, into a restaurant.  He didn’t live long enough to fulfill that dream.  So here we are… 


In a Broad St is my love letter to both New Orleans, to Birmingham, and to my Father. 


Broad St. is dedicated to New Orleans.  It’s about culture, friendship, and family – all of which don’t exist without food.   It’s Peaux Boys done right. 

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